Delia Awesome #1 and #2: The Panels on Pages Reviews

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Over the past week, the good folks at Panels on Pages have delivered a one-two punch of Delia Awesome coverage. Their reviews for issues #1 and #2 can be found here and here. Many, many thanks to Michael Melchor, Lee Rodriguez, and the rest of the gang at Panels on Pages for just diving in and tackling both issues.


That Was Awesome! Seriously.


So White Mystery premiered their new film, That Was Awesome, this past Monday, and guess who received a “thank you” credit? Yours truly and Delia Awesome, that’s who.

Also, the movie rules. So does the accompanying album. Y’all should totally check out both.

(P.S. The owner of that sweet lime green t-shirt is one half of the Crumb Bums. They’ll make you one helluva band poster. Or shirts. Or buttons.)