Comic Bastards “Delia Awesome might very well eventually have some incredibly loyal fans attached to it. Michael Schneider brings us a story about loss, doubt, fear and complete and utter happenstance. I know that there is a fan base out there somewhere for this type of story.”  – Erik McAlister

Panels and Pixels “It’s very easy for me to recommend giving Delia Awesome a try; it feels like the start of a very involving series. It bears repeating how Delia is made so very likeable almost instantly, she’s the reason I wanted to continue the issue and she’s also why I was left awaiting more.”   – Matt Johnson

Comics AnonymousWell worth a read and I’m hoping that issue #2 hits soon to see where Delia goes next.  Awesome by name, Awesome by nature.” – Gary Watson

Sugar GamersDelia Awesome, a story that can be interpreted to be about a woman finding her power after she sheds her past and what no longer serves her, was written and illustrated by talented Chicago artist Michael Schneider in 2013.” – Valencia Davis

Panel on PagesMichael Schneider continues showing his ability to give emotional resonance to the seemingly mundane, and tops himself here. Extenuating and extraordinary circumstances aside, Delia Awesome #2 is a wonderful character study…”    – Michael Melchor