Shit just got really fucking real. Almost too real.

IMG_0200There it is. Delia Awesome #1. Real. Bonafide. Ready to be sold and promoted and held and opened and closed and all the other awesome things one can do with a real, live book.

I’m also incredibly pleased with the quality of the printing. The paper has a good heft to it, the ink is nice and dark,  the bleeds all look great. Ka-Blam gets high marks for this project.

Since everything checked out with the proof, the next step is to put in a bulk order. Which means I should have copies ready to be sold in the next couple of weeks. Possibly sooner. Anyway, I’m super excited…this easily makes up for the fact that my job neglected to pay me on time for the fourth straight week. (Now I can just sit and stare at this when I’m reduced to eating nothing but ramen and oranges by the middle of next week.)


Shit just got slightly realer.


Just got home to find some samples from Ka-Blam waiting on my doorstep. Overall, I’m pleased with the quality. The paper feels good – if a bit light – the halftones are crisp, and the black ink is nice and dark. It’s gonna be hard waiting for the proofs to arrive, but this has at least dispelled many of my concerns about the printing.

So yeah, color me excited.

A slow news day…

I’ve had a relaxed but productive couple of weeks since completing issue #1. Delia Awesome now has a Facebook page (please note the handy link located in the sidebar), I’ve been working on the script for issue #2, and am writing not one, but three articles on various aspects of this project.

I’m also waiting on proofs to come back from the printers, which is pretty damn exciting. With any luck, I’ll have hard copies available no later than mid-October.

Anyway, here’s a fun thing that I cobbled together from some of the artwork on this site…a side-by-side comparison of Delia’s original design and her final, revised appearance:

Classic vs. Modern Delia