Issue #4 Cover Preview

Here’s a quick, low-res look at the wraparound cover for Issue #4. Points if you know the venue. It still needs a few tweaks here and there – along with some pages to shove inside – but we’re getting close. And by we, I mean me.

Delia Awesome #4 Cover.jpg


Delia Awesome now on Disappearing Media


I’m very excited to announce that Delia Awesome is part of the Disappearing Media family.

Disappearing Media serves as a showcase for predominantly Chicago area artists, bringing together comics, music, fine art, handcrafts, fiction, and even video games. Anyone who’s a fan of DIY culture owes it to themselves to check out the myriad creativity on display.

Also, stay tuned for more news about issue #3. I’ve long since learned my lesson about announcing the release date prematurely, but I can say with certainty that an announcement is right around the corner.


Shaking the dust off.

Hey, gang. In case you haven’t noticed (And judging by the way viewership has dropped off, you did. Or didn’t. Whichever.) this site’s been a pretty quiet neighborhood for the latter half of 2015.

The explanation is simple, really. Work. As in, honest toil. As in, I spent the majority of 2014 unemployed, broke, and racking up massive debt. So, last December, when the opportunity came along to jump onboard an enormous, year long project…well…there really wasn’t anything to consider. (Seriously, I was maybe a month or two away from being forced to move back in with my parents before this freelance gig landed on my plate.)

The flip side of this Christmas miracle is that I haven’t really been able to call my soul my own for the past twelve months. Really, it was all I could do to even wrap up work on issue #2 for a March release. Otherwise, it’s been ten to twelve hour days on average for pretty much a year solid. (Four to six hours on Saturdays and Sundays. ‘Cause, hey, it’s the weekend!)

But now I find myself again with enough free time to properly focus on Delia Awesome. In the few spare moments I’ve had since April, a script for Issue #3 has been gradually taking shape. It’s mostly complete, and the goal is to have the third installment out the door by late February or early March. With a new issue to follow, ideally, every four-ish months until volume one is complete.

2016 is going to be as active as 2015 was quiet, so stay tuned for developments.

Thanks for your continued support. A happy New Year to all.

That Was Awesome! Seriously.


So White Mystery premiered their new film, That Was Awesome, this past Monday, and guess who received a “thank you” credit? Yours truly and Delia Awesome, that’s who.

Also, the movie rules. So does the accompanying album. Y’all should totally check out both.

(P.S. The owner of that sweet lime green t-shirt is one half of the Crumb Bums. They’ll make you one helluva band poster. Or shirts. Or buttons.)