Care and upkeep.

Hey, Delia fans. (I think there’s actually seven of you now. Progress!) I just wanted to alert everyone to a few new additions to the website.

First and foremost, Jane Huh finally has an editor bio in the About section. (Portrait coming soon. Broken scanner n’ such.)

Second, I’ve added a Press section…ostensibly to house the one review Delia Awesome has received. (Thank God it’s a good one.) Fingers crossed that it’ll be filling up soon. Tell your friends…especially the vocal ones who happen to run media outlets.

Finally, and probably most exciting for out-of-town readers, I’ve amended the Links page into two categories.

The first is the “Delia’s Chicago” section. In this area I’ll provide links, organized by the issue in which they appear (or appear first), to the venues, neighborhoods, food, liquor, bus routes, landmarks, and everything else unique to Chicago. Think of it as comic book tourism.

The original, random collection of links to people and things I enjoy are now under the “Neat Stuff” heading.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Some exciting announcements are inbound – a couple pertaining to issue #2 and others to the overall series – so keep checking back.

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