Delia’s Chicago

Here you can find links the venues, bands, landmarks, transit routes, food, booze, and everything else unique to the city Delia Kelly calls home.

Issue #1:

White Mystery – Delia’s favorite local band. (It’s the t-shirt she’s wearing at the beginning of issue #1.)

CTA Blue Line – Delia’s “L” line. It runs between O’Hare Airport and Forest Park. Her stomping ground is located between the Belmont and Division stops.

#66 Bus Route – “The worst route in the entire city” according to Delia. I’m inclined to agree. It services downtown and westside neighborhoods along Chicago Ave.

The Hideout – Delia’s favorite music venue and the place where her adventure begins.

Neat Stuff

Here are some performers, artists, comics, and oddities that I find very cool.  And you should too.

Ray Ray Sunshine – My lovely ex-wife.  Up and coming burlesque sensation Ray Ray Sunshine!

Brandon Bird – Brandon Bird is among my favorite artists and I hope that someday I can afford more than one of his prints (and the single piece of the Nicolas Cage Adventure Set that was stuck to a window overlooking Lakeshore Drive at Playboy).

Steinomite! – World’s Greatest Rapper™ and all around neat guy.  If Steinomite rolls through your town then definitely check out the show.

Mythical Beast Wars – America’s number one weekly mythical beast drawing contest!

Lost Marbles – A webcomic done by multiple artists, exquisite corpse style.  Good stuff.