Delia Fest ’13

Thanks to everyone who helped make Wednesday night’s launch party such a success. Jane Huh, Seth Dodson at the Hideout, and DJ Phantom Power all deserve a ton of credit for a great night. I’m also hugely grateful to all the people who came out in support of Delia’s debut. I saw a lot of new faces along with a lot of welcome, familiar ones.

Here are a few highlights from the evening:


There she is up on the chalkboard I’ve stared at for years. Nestled among performers I’ve seen many, many times.


The display.


DJ Phantom Power wowed everyone with an amazing set.


New faces, old faces, and a few confused faces that wandered in off the street.


Some credit should go to Alex White of White Mystery, who provided me with a portion of my wardrobe for the evening.


DJ Phantom Power, Jane Huh, and yours truly. I have to admit, it was pretty cool to actually stand on the Hideout’s stage.






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