Things are happening!

It’s a beautiful Monday morning, I’m sitting outdoors with a cold beer in my hand, and the dog is happily patrolling her backyard kingdom. Before you get too jealous, bear in mind that A) I’m poor as fuck and B) the rest of the day will be spent hunched over my desk churning out page after page of Delia Awesome #1.

It’s been an exciting month since I posted the cover art preview. The big news is that I found an editor. And after a couple of meetings and a couple of script revisions, the true heavy lifting can begin. Delia Awesome marks the first time I’ve ever collaborated with someone in this capacity – and I gotta say it’s been a great experience. Not only has Jane’s input been an invaluable resource in laying the foundation for Delia’s story, but being accountable to someone does wonders for keeping me (mostly) on track.

Now for the announcement: Delia Awesome’s official debut will be July 1st, 2013! The entire first issue will be available to read with weekly updates starting in August. Tell your friends.

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