Delia Awesome’s Bogus Journey

A lot has happened since last August.

I got back into my abusive, on-again-off-again relationship with educational publishing. I started a new graphic novel project with this guy. I resurrected a long-dormant comic project of my own. I picked up the odd bit of illustration work here and there.

And my wife and I separated.

Consequently, I spend a great deal of time these days drinking and not sleeping. Which – through the occasional gin and exhaustion induced hallucinatory episode – has aided in both the creative and self-reflective processes. Though it’s been mostly the latter. You could say I’m on a sort of alcoholic, mania-fueled vision quest. But it’s starting to pay dividends. After an exceptionally weird evening out several days ago – one in which I’m fairly certain half the events were imagined – I was finally able to leave behind all of the anger I felt towards my wife. More importantly, I saw straight through my own stupid bullshit. So now it’s just on to dealing with the fact that I have no love in my life. Which – if nothing else – has the advantage of not manifesting itself as explosive arguments at parties. It’s also just bonkers for inspiration.

In the midst of this, I heard Delia’s voice in my head.

“Hey, Mike…it’s time to let me out.”

And for the past few days I haven’t been able to jot the notes down fast enough. Delia’s story is really coming alive in my mind and filling out in ways I’d never planned it to. In time, the half-dozen pages currently featured will be scrapped and archived somewhere else on this site and a new, better comic will take its place. Until then, here’s a selection of recent sketches featuring Delia’s new look. Expect updates to follow somewhat sporadically – since I don’t want to spoil too much.

Oh, and if you’re wondering where I’m drawing inspiration for Delia’s revised appearance, it’s this gal:


Anyway, Delia’ll be seeing y’all real soon. In the meantime, take care everybody. I mean it…all three of you who follow this blog. Be happy and be well.

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