Happy New Year from Team Delia!

Hoping everyone has a happy and safe New Year’s and an awesome 2015! Thanks for reading!


Sit tight!

delia announcement two deux

Due to unforeseen circumstances…blah…stay tuned…yadda. Honestly, I’m so busy finishing up what promises to be an excellent issue that I barely have time to write this post.  Hang in there, gang! It’ll be out soon!

Chicago Zine Fest 2014

I’m very late to the party with this one, but whatever. Here are the photos from this year’s Chicago Zine Fest. I had so much fun at this event. And met so many great people, too. Also, being my very first time tabling a fest, I learned a great deal throughout the course of the day. CZF 2015 can’t arrive fast enough.

CAKE 2014 is here!


And you should totally go. It’s happening this Saturday and Sunday at the Center on Halsted. 3656 N. Halsted. From 11am to 6pm.

I’ll be volunteering both days. So come on out and support independent comics, maybe make a new friend or two, and definitely get inspired.

Spring Update

So status on issue #2 is as follows: it’s still coming.

Life and work managed to get in the way over the past few months…as they do…but I’ll be turning over the second (and much tighter) draft of the script to Jane this week. And as soon as I’m back home, it’s straight to work on issue #3.

I’ll be producing both installments as close to concurrently as one can with this sort of thing. Back to the Future 2 and 3 style.


The idea being to have both issues out this summer – #2 sometime in June and #3 shortly thereafter. I’ll be posting previews of pages and cover art as per usual. But beyond that I expect a somewhat slow Delia-related news cycle over the next month or two as I’ll be doing my best to go off the grid and make up for lost time.